ProLLM Benchmarks

We build and operate large language model (LLM) benchmarks for real-world business use cases across multiple industries and languages. Our focus is on practical applicability and reliability, providing you with the granular insight needed to make decisions for testing and production systems. We collaborate with industry leaders and data providers, like StackOverflow, to identify use cases and source quality test sets.

Learn more about our approach and methodology in our blog or get in touch with us to discuss your specific use case.

Why our benchmarks stand out

  • Useful

    We create benchmarks directly from real use-case data and use meaningful metrics to measure how well they perform, providing actionable insights into their effectiveness.

  • Relevant

    Results are designed for interactive exploration of LLM performance on complex tasks, such as JavaScript debugging questions, tailored to your specific interests.

  • Reliable & Timely

    Our evaluation sets are not publicly disclosed, ensuring the benchmarks’ integrity, with mirror sets shared for insight and transparency. We update our results as fast as possible, with most new model releases benchmarked within hours of release.

  • Comprehensive

    Our benchmarks cover a variety of languages and sectors, from food delivery to EdTech. We regularly update our benchmarks to include new use cases and data sources. Subscribe to be notified of new benchmarks.

Have a unique use-case you’d like to test?

We want to evaluate how LLMs perform on your specific, real world task. You might discover that a small, open-source model delivers the performance you need at a better cost than proprietary models. We can also add custom filters, enhancing your insights into LLM capabilities. Each time a new model is released, we'll provide you with updated performance results.


An open-source model beating GPT-4 Turbo on our interactive leaderboard.

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